16 March 2022
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RSA Europe Statement on events in the Ukraine

Image - RSA Europe Statement on events in the Ukraine



RSA Europe condemns the ongoing violence in Ukraine as a result of the unprovoked invasion by Russia. RSA Europe supports the actions of governments across the world who are working to restore peace in Europe.

The Foundation’s purposes are to promote regional studies education in Europe through the exchange of ideas and information and to stimulate and disseminate research in regional studies. As such it is founded on the ideas of cooperation and collaboration, tolerance and respect, and intellectual enquiry and understanding. RSA Europe is committed to the ideals of equality, diversity and inclusivity. It therefore stands opposed to all kinds of violence and the pain and suffering it causes.

It is the hope of RSA Europe that in all parts of the world affected by conflict, peace will be found via negotiation and diplomacy rather than recourse to arms with all the ensuing suffering.

Alex Holmes

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